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Brain Trainer

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1 PC CD-Rom.

Interface Language: English
System requirements: Windows™ XP/Vista/7

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Mirzakarim Norbekov PhD, Doctor of Medicine and Academician has undertaken the research on how our verbal intelligence affects success in life. Such research proved their close connection. Based on this research the active members of Norbekov’s Millionaires Club developed “Brain Trainer” a crossword generating program to train our verbal intelligence and increase our vocabulary. The developers of this unique program used not only Norbekov’s research materials but also the works of many other scientists throughout the world who examined the same subject.

Tony Buzan, the author of many bestsellers, in his book “Power of verbal intelligence” wrote that your vocabulary is closely connected with your success. He figured out a simple formula: the more you extend your vocabulary the more complicated concepts and more delicate shades of meaning your brain is ready to digest. Logical thinking is nothing but the ability to understand words and their meanings in various contexts.

The majority of word games derive from crosswords. Crossword is a perfect word game. Unlike traditional paper crosswords our Brain Trainer uses not only nouns but also adjectives, verbs and others parts of speech. Its word database includes more than 30000 words and their definitions carefully selected from various English dictionaries.

The vocabulary of an average person does not exceed 3000 to 5000 words. Depending on your age or level of education you can choose to generate your crosswords from all words of the database as well as from sets of only 3000, 4000 or 5000 most actively used words.

Our program keeps the record of the player so in every next crossword you will get either new words or those you did not guess in the previous games. The crosswords have a few levels of difficulty to suit different players.

You can also choose between small or big crosswords. The small ones include about 12 words, the big ones - over 30. This enables you to choose the game which would fit your free time or just suit your preferences.

The shapes of our crosswords are also different to make the logical task of various types of word crossings interesting for the player. Due to the built in random numbers generator the words for the crosswords are selected randomly so the sets of words for each crossword never repeat.

Our Brain Trainer has the special algorithm which allows the program to use all the words from the database equally regardless of the length of a word.

The program operates only necessary but complete set of tools. It is not only an interesting game but is also your stairway to success and, what is more important, a great opportunity to develop your intellectual potential.