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System by Norbekov

2 interactive video DVDs + 1 PC CD-Rom.

Interface Language: English
Format DVD: NTSC
Running time DVD – 720 min
System requirements: Windows™ XP/Vista/7

Special price 54.99 € 


One of Norbekov’s bestsellers is his Health Course which we are happy to present in our store. Norbekov’s Health Course helped millions of people to overcome their ailments and chronic diseases. The course includes daily lectures by Norbekov himself, a set of physical exercises, breathing exercises and meditation techniques from ancient eastern medicine. One of 2 disks also includes a PC program with electronic diary where you can keep the record of your physical progress.


Another aspect of Norbekov’s system is connection of one’s mind with success in life. Norbekov as well as other researchers of the subject concluded that one’s intellect and verbal intellect in particular most significantly affects events of people’s lives. Those Norbekov’s followers who became most successful thanks to this system formed Norbekov’s Millionaires Club. One of their joint projects was a PC program Brain Trainer to develop a person’s vocabulary and thus train the intellect. This program was a gift to Norbekov from the grateful disciples.