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Igor Stolyarov
the author and copyright owner

“I spent over 20 years inventing different programs which could help people in many ways and I always tried to make my products good and effective. You can now say if I succeeded or not, but very much hope that you will find my work useful.”

Yours Faithfully,

Igor Stolyarov

Igor Stolyarov was at different time the founder and owner of the following companies:

  • OOO Intense, founded in 1991, located in Russia
  • Intense Educational, founded in 1994, located in the UK
  • Intense Publishing, founded in 2007, located in the UK
  • OOO Intense.ru, founded in 2009, located in Russia

For over 20 years Igor Stolyarov and his companies have been specializing on development and publishing various innovative multimedia products for PC and later on for video DVD using the most recent interactive DVD technology.

Among the products, developed and published by Igor Stolyarov and his companies were:

Electronic Oxford English-Russian dictionary Collins English dictionary Electronic Oxford English-Russian dictionary

First Electronic Oxford English-Russian dictionary by licence from Oxford University Press;

Numerous Electronic Collins English and bilingual dictionaries by licence from HarperCollins Publishers;

Bridge to English® Basic English course, which was localized into German, French, Russian, Turkish, Spanish, Polish, Chinese and helped over 3 million people worldwide to learn English.

The possibility of using standard video DVD for interactive programs opened the new page in Igor Stolyarov’s creations. He was the first to use this technology for educational programs for small children who due to their age have difficulty in learning at a personal computer but can easily spend time in front of TV. This new technology inspired Igor Stolyarov to develop Bridge to English ® for Kids series and other interactive DVD titles which you can find and buy on this web site.

Fairy Tale Learning - series Interactive DVDs Read Before You Can Walk - series Interactive DVDs

Being one of very few developers working in interactive DVD format Igor Stolyarov created and published the range of educational and cultural products by request and with financial support of one of the biggest Russian cultural foundations “Russkiy Mir” founded by the President of Russia.

Fairy Tale Learning - series Interactive DVDs Read Before You Can Walk - series Interactive DVDs

At the moment Igor Stolyarov is an individual proprietor, holding the rights for all products on this website and the General director of a Noncommercial partnership “Multimedia” whose main objective is to develop and spread educational, cultural and health multimedia programs in various formats and for various age groups, provide free access to such programs and help people in many other ways.