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About Early Learning

The creation of products for children aged 0 to 5 was inspired by research in the area of early learning undertaken by British educationalists and also by their counterparts in Japan and the USA. The principal theory of these educationalists is that in early childhood there is no difference between the native and a foreign language. All languages are equally native or equally foreign to this age group. Children of this age have a unique ability to absorb, analyze and remember any amount of information.

"Many things are impossible to acquire unless learned during infancy … the development in intelligence from birth to three equals the development from the ages of four to seventeen … a baby who hears fairy tales over and over again grows up to be a toddler and begins to show an interest in a picture-story, then in the characters of the alphabet and is finally impelled to do the reading by himself … the point is not to make the child understand the content … but to have him develop a learning pattern as he listens repeatedly to the right pronunciation, accent and intonation of the language."

Masaru Ibuka, founder of the SONY corporation and the Japanese Early Development Association, from his book "Kindergarten is Too Late" 1969

"It is possible to teach babies to read … it is easier to teach a one-year-old to read than it is to teach a seven-year-old … Once you begin to teach your child to read, you will find that your child goes through new material very quickly … parents are always astonished at how quickly their children learn."

Glenn Doman, director of The Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential, USA from the book "How to Multiply Your Baby’s Intelligence: The Gentle Revolution" 2005 by Glenn and Janet Doman

We have found that interactive video DVD disks is the only suitable format for learning products for this age group. You cannot sit a one or two year old child in front of the computer whereas he or she will quite happily watch educational films on the TV, lying or sitting on the floor or standing in a playpen or cot. If such small children cannot yet use the DVD handset to choose the right answer in the interactive exercises, they can simply point their finger at the picture on the TV screen and one of their parents can press the corresponding buttons on the handset to help the child complete the exercise.

Fairy Tale Learning - series of interactive DVDs for children aged 0 to 5.

Read Before You Can Walk - a unique interactive DVD series for your baby to start reading before even talking or walking.